Thursday, May 7, 2015

How To Dress Like Wendy Beauchamp From Witches of East End Part 1

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While watching Witches of East End I kept repeating to my husband, “I love Wendy’s clothes. I love her clothes. OH MY GOD!!! I LOVE her clothes!!!”

When the show was cancelled (FU FOX), a lot of the wardrobe clothes were auctioned. I bought several of Mädchen Amick’s screen worn outfits. I’m VERY happy because Mädchen Amick and I are almost the exact same size and all her clothes fit me PERFECTLY. When I couldn’t get her screen worn clothes, I hunted down the exact same outfit on eBay for a fraction of the price. This will be one of SEVERAL blog posts about Wendy’s outfits.

Episode 108

I have her screen worn top and jacket. The eBay link to the auction I won. 

Complete Outfit
Suzy Shire Jacket, Express Top, Hudson Krista Wax Coated Jeans, Black Leather Knee High Boots With Chains.

Besides maybe the jeans, you can’t get these clothes on the designer’s websites any more. You have to find them via eBay.

I found out which jeans she had from this embay link: Another eBay link showing her exact wax coated Hudson jeans.

Current eBay links to this outfit.

Express Lace Tank Top
When this link is no longer active do an eBay search for “Lace Yoke Leather Shell Top from Express.”
A link to her top on Worn on TV.

Hudson Krista Black Wax Coated Skinny Jeans
When this link is no longer active do an eBay search for “Hudson Krista Black Wax Coated Skinny Jeans.”

Suzy Sheir Jacket

Sorry but the Suzy Sheir Jacket is IMPOSSIBLE to find. This is the closest one I could find.
If you really want it, keep searching eBay for “Suzy Shier Sheer Chiffon Black Jacket” or “Suzy Shier Chiffon Black Jacket” or “Chiffon Black Jacket”

Black Leather Boots

It is unknown what boots she wore. Get any black knee high heal boots and add shoe jewelry chains.

This blog is sponsored by my store


  1. Very nice blog! Although the link you give to the auction is not for the item you won. *I* won this particular one ;-)

  2. Oups! Should have specified which link. LOL! I meant the stunt double/harness Suzy Shier jacket and shirt from ep 108. Cheers!