Friday, May 1, 2015

My May Experiment

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As many of you know I run my own scrapbook store. Most days I’m inside the house, in sweat pants, covered in glue, paint, bits of paper and cat hair. Every day during the month of May I am going to dress up and take photos of all my Witchy clothes.

Today I got a text from one of my relatives regarding a party happening at the end of May. I will finally have a reason to wear my Wendy Beauchamp, Witches of East End Screen Worn Gown.  YES it is the one used on the show. I won it in an EBay auction.
It will be interesting to see what manifests in my life as a result. If I dress up every day, will money, social events and more great clothes manifest. Stay tuned.

May 1st Outfit

It is still too cold to wear all the summer clothes I took out and organized. I decided to wear my grey skinny pants and a purple top. I spruced this outfit up with embellishments.

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