Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Finding Gold in Consignment Shops and on Ebay

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I found this beautiful green skirt and golden heals at the Golden Hanger. I needed the perfect golden tank top to match the shoes, so I searched eBay for a gold colored tank top until I found the one I wanted. 

I love consignment shops. You never know what your going to find. 

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pyramid Collection Steampunk Cutaway Coat

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I got this Steampunk Cutaway Coat for Christmas. I love it. It looks amazing over a plain black dress or a black shirt and skirt. I also love it over my black skinny pants.

People will notice you when you wear this coat. You stand out a mile in a crowd. I wore it while shopping at my local mall. People kept staring at me and complementing my on my gorgeous coat.

The lace up back, metal buttons, side buckles and ruffles around the collar and hem give this coat a 1870s style.

To order this coat from the Pyramid Collection click here.

WARNING: This is advertised as a coat, but it is very thin and will not keep you warm outside during the winter. Plan to wear it indoors as part of your outfit. Wear it under a long winter coat when going outside.

Also it is dry clean only and it wrinkles very easily. Iron this coat with NO water in your iron. Any water that lands on the material leave a water stain. Don't use the Dryel stain remover spray. it will only stain this coat more.

This blog is sponsored by my store