Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How To Dress Like Wendy Beauchamp From Witches of East End Part 4 - Black Halter Top and Mermaid Skirt

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Episode 207
This outfit was custom made. Wendy wore to the art gallery. Make it yourself. LINKS BELOW.

A video of Wendy's outfit.

I was so upset when I lost the eBay auction for this original Witches of East End outfit. I just had to have it, so I recreated it myself.

I am NOT a seamstress. Sewing has never come easy for me so I was NEVER going to be able to make this outfit from scratch. 

Wendy's skirt was made from a textured material. It almost looked like feathers. 

Wendy's Skirt
I knew I was never going to find a skirt in this fabric so I bought two separate mermaid skirts, one with a heavy lace texture and one plain one to be the lining. 

Then I sewed them together and cut a slit into the one underneath. Then I sewed a shinny material around the waist. Wendy's skirt is a little longer, but they match pretty well.

Wendy's Skirt                       My Skirt      
It was impossible to find a leather or vinyl halter top exactly like Wendy's because this is a custom made outfit. I Googled black wraparound halter top and this is the closest one I could find. It looks the same in the front but different in the back,

Wendy's Top                             My Top          
I completed the outfit with a black box mesh clutch purse. Wendy's was a House Of Harlow purse worth several hundred dollars. I found a more affordable version on eBay.

Wendy's Clutch                      My Clutch          

Links to all items.

Main skirt
Skirt lining
Top 1
Top 2
Top 3
Top 4

Please note. The top I'm wearing in the photos is no longer available. I hunted down the closest ones I could find to my top and Wendy's top.

Wendy's Purse
House Of Harlow black mesh box clutch.
House of Harlow 1960 Women's Marley Snake Clutch One Size Blush
A similar purse 

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