Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How To Dress Like Gillian Owens From Practical Magic

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Practical Magic came out in 1998. I have done my best to find 90s vintage clothes and modern clothes which are close to Gillian’s wardrobe. This movie is almost 20 years old so EXACT wardrobe matches are impossible to find at this point.
Gillian is an extremely sexy and free spirited witch.

Her closet is full of items that can be removed quickly so she can have spontaneous sex with her kinky boyfriends.  She wears very short miniskirts, tight tank tops, wrap around skirts and slip on shoes. She tends to walk around barefoot. Slip on wedge heals tend to be her favorite type of shoes. They slide off quickly when she feels the need to go barefoot in the grass.
Gillian is tall and has long red hair down to her waist. She frequently wears green clothing to accentuate her red hair. Since green is red’s complementary color, redheads standout a mile in green.
Gillian’s Green Velvet Dress
Velvet sundresses were very popular in the 90s. They are almost impossible to find now. This is a link I found to a similar 90's green velvet dress. When this link is no longer active, Google “Vintage 90s Green Velvet Sundress.” Etsy and EBay have a ton of vintage 90s clothes for sale.
Gillian's Green Snake Skin Tank Top and Belly Chain
This is the closest Green Snake Skin Tank I could find.  If the link is no longer active Google “Green Snake Skin Tank Top”.
Her belly waist chain. Belly Waist Chain
Gillian's Tiger’s Eye and Clear Quartz Pendent 

Click Below to buy similar pendants.
Gillian's Floral Tank Top
This is the closest one I could find. Vintage 90s Floral Tank Top. She wears a brown mini skirt and black pair of slip on heals with this top.
Gillian's Brown Wrap Around Skirt, Green Lace T-shirt and Brown Embroidered Sweater

This is a link which shows her original outfit. Gillian's Outfit
These are the closest matches I could find.
Brown Wrap Around Skirt
Brown Wool Cardigan Sweater
Green Lace T-Shirt
Gillian's Black Tank Top and Gold Sarong Skirt.
This is the closest Gold Sarong Skirt I could find.

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